Stylish Ways To Carry Your Handbag

Top 5 Stylish Ways To Carry Your Handbag

Let’s be honest – maintaining the status of a style diva isn’t easy!

You’re constantly under the sharp observation of others. They’re always judging you based on what you’re wearing, how you’re wearing it, what makeup and accessories you’re using. Even the way you’re holding your handbag isn’t spared their astute inspection!

We may not be able to save you from this fashion critics, but we can definitely share our expertise on how to hold a bag in a stylish manner that will earn you some extra points.

Here’s the most in-style way of holding a bag –


This is the most common and smart way of holding your handbag. When you’re traveling with lots of things like your journal, sunglasses, iPad, book etc. in your bag, this is the perfect option for you.

Look, how effortlessly Diane Kruger is carrying such a heavy weighted bag by the handle.

Explore our extensive collection of handbag styles like Joan, Liam, Lynn and many more which are ideal for carrying in this style.

shoulder bag

Thinking of using a sling bag for the day? Flung it over your shoulder and you’re all set.

Sling bags are the most popular among millennials and this is the way in which it should be carried with oomph!

Olivia Culpo agrees with us as she is seen to opt for the ‘Hang It Over The Shoulder’ style.

Don’t have a stylish sling bag which you can flaunt with style? Then go for our popular style Aiden.

Classic Elbow Crook

Want to depict elegance through your style? Then carrying your handbag in the crook of your arm should be your preferred choice.

Nicky Hilton Rothschild shows us the perfect and chic way to carry a shoulder bag or a tote.

Need a shoulder bag or tote to carry in your arm crook? We harbor prominent style like Aurora, Sean, and Reese for your assistance.


Your clutch can go perfectly with your western wear or your traditional attire. They are your saviors in case of any fashion emergency.

So, what’s the graceful way to carry it?

Take a note from the Duchess of Cambridge herself and hold your clutch in a firm and confident grip while carrying it.

Our top style like Anton, Adora, Cory, etc. present avant-garde clutches for your use.

cross bag

Everybody loves sling bags.

When you’re going for an outdoorsy look then carry your sling bag in a ‘Cross-Body’ style to look utterly fashionable.

Our favorite model, Kendall Jenner is perfectly flaunting this casual style with confidence!

You can always go for our Aiden sling bags to make a fashionable impact on others.

Our Final Thoughts…

The type of bag and the style in which it should be carried greatly depends on your body shape.

Surprised? But it’s true!

Imagine, being short in height and carrying a large sized bag over your shoulder! Such fashion faux-pas will never be forgiven by the fashion police.

Don’t be sacred. These pro-tips will guide you in carrying your bag with confidence and style.

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