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A Useful Guide – How To Pick A Perfect Handbag For Daily Use

You must have heard, “Balls are to men what purses are to women. It’s just a little bag, but we feel naked in public without it.” – by Carrie Bradshaw, the most popular fashion icon of the fictional world.

Well, it is quiet true!

Let’s be honest, we do not dare to venture anywhere without our bag.

Do we?

We think that it is the most intrinsic part of our ensemble.

A bag is an avant-garde fashion accessory that is utterly functional as it helps us to carry our everyday essentials without any hassle.

We buy them by following the latest look, but do we even think if these trendy bags will be suitable for us?

The answer is a firm NO.

So, the question remains how do we select the right bag that we can use daily?

Follow these golden rules to get an answer to this question –

Choose-A-Bag-As-Per-Your-Look-Indian Rain

While shopping, have you ever thought of the size of the bag and how it will compliment your body structure? Most of you will say no. This is because we are so much focused on the style, color, and design of the bag that we tend to forget this crucial rule.

Do not have any clue about which bag goes well with which look?
Empower yourself with these valuable suggestions –

  • For tall and thin women – The best-suited bag will be a hobo or a clutch. Do not go for anything with a short strap as it will make you look taller.
  • For petite women – A large-sized bag is a complete no-no for you as it will make you look smaller. Go for a cute and small bag.
  • For plus-size women – Any large structured bag will be ideal as it will balance out your curves perfectly.

Keep these points in mind while splurging on a handbag.

Give-Priority-To-Quality-Indian Rain

Remember, the bag that you are buying should serve you in a long run.

Handbags do not come cheap, so, it is important to invest in a good quality bag. While looking for in-style design, do not ever compromise on the durability.

Always opt for top brands while purchasing a bag as they assure fine quality.

More-And-More-Space-Indian Rain

An everyday use handbag should be spacious enough to carry your essentials.

Not all of us carry the same amount of items in our bag. Some may need a bigger bag while a medium sized bag might be perfect for someone else.

While buying a bag consider how many items you will carry and choose accordingly.

But to be one a safe side, you can always opt for a spacious bag since a little extra space is not a bad thing. Right?

A-Bag-That-Goes-With-Every-Outfit-Indian Rain

You might go for a tote bag that is adorned with bold hues and fun prints or you might purchase a contemporarily styled shoulder bag in brown color but ask yourself first,

‘Will it go with my wardrobe?’


Honestly, there is no point in investing in something that will ultimately find its place at the back of your cupboard.

Do-Not-Compromise-On-Your-Personal-Style-Indian Rain

How does fashion differ from style? Well, there is a famous saying of the fashion mogul, Coco Chanel –

“ Fashion fades, only style remains.”

You might opt for a very fashionable handbag that has been recently featured in a runway show by a famous designer. But will it really suit you? Or will you buy it just because it is the latest fashion trend?

Well, there is no harm in keeping yourself updated on current trends. But you should not compromise with your personal style because it reflects your true-self.

Final Words

Let your nature and style reflect in the bag that you are carrying.
No matter what type of bag you are using, be confident in your approach because Confidence Is Sexy!

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