5 Tips On Finding The Perfect Handbag

It’s no secret that, women love buying bags. But, the question that you should ask yourself is,
Are you investing in a perfect handbag? Or are you just wasting your hard-earned money?

A few years back, I asked myself the same and realized, I rarely use most of the bags that are part of my “so-called” extensive collection of handbags. It’s mainly because they don’t go well with my personal style.

So, I thought to myself, how can I rectify this situation? And after reading several fashion blogs
on bags, I finally stumbled upon 5 rules that I swear, is a God sent guideline in finding a perfect handbag!
(PS.- I had overlooked these rules in the past though they were right in front of my eyes!)

Don’t be. Here’s the list of those top 5 decorum –

Like most of you, I didn’t give much importance to length while buying a handbag until I realized, How a bag with the right length can accentuate my body features to a great extent.

Let me give you a detailed explanation.

  • If you’ve got a narrow waist, then using a bag that falls at your hip is a perfect choice for you. This’ll emphasize your curves and make you look GLAMOROUS!
  • Now, if your waist is on a broader side like mine, then always opt for a waist-length bag. It’ll add more shape and structure to your waist.

Surprising, isn’t it? Let’s dig further,

Well, it’s an important factor that must be considered before buying a handbag.

Deciding on the perfect shape of a bag that’s right for you is difficult. So, here’s one tip, Look for a bag whose shape is the opposite of your look.

For example, if you’ve got a straight figure then opt for a more rounded bag. It’ll create an illusive curve. The next time you go for bag shopping, remember this. But wait – there’s more!

You must be familiar with the quote,
“In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different.” – Coco Chanel

Well, that’s true.
You might have hundreds of bags but does it make you stand out among others?


Well, my advice is,
While you make a purchase, always opt for unique and rare designs.

One thing that I learned recently,
Fashion matters and so does functionality.

But before I realized this, I had already filled up my closet with varieties of handbags that might be fashionable, but they all had a minimum or no functionality. As a result, I seldom use these bags.

Hence, I urge you not to commit this mistake and look for a bag that’s fashionable and has a great utility so that you can carry all your essential things at ease.

When you’re investing in a bag, don’t settle for ordinary boring colors. Choose a fun and unique one, which will upgrade your fashion quotient.

But, before you opt for a bag that’s designed in extravagant colors, make sure it goes well with your personality.

Also, remember the color of your bag must coordinate with your shoe!

Final Words

There’s one mantra that I follow,
“Life is better with bags”

I consider myself a bag fanatic! Whenever I go on a shopping expedition, I end up buying two or three bags.

During shopping trips, these rules always help in finding a perfect handbag.

Hopefully, they’ll be useful to you as well.

Happy Shopping!

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